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We manufacture two types of barges: a tritoon hull and a flat bottom. The primary purpose is dock and lift installation and removal. Many customers also use their barges for storm recovery, landscaping, pile driving, and hauling loads on the water. Investing in a barge will enable businesses to do more work, in a shorter time, and with less personnel, allowing a business to increase clientele

Elite Trailers

Our trailers are made specifically for our barges. When we trailer the barge, we need them to be built for hauling heavy loads. The I beam construction was built with invasive species in mind. The structure is not a tube and therefore water cannot get inside, making it easier to leave a landing without aquatic hitchhikers. 

Quick Lifts

The Quick Lift is a truck accessory easing the ability to transport boat lifts or hoists. A Quick Lift can be operated by one person and attaches to any kind of lift

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  • Barge Sales covering Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, North and South Dakota, Maine, Vermont, New York, and Georgia.
  • No more dragging the dock sections, push lifts, damaging landscaping, shoreline or the lake bed. The barge will ensure an easy, no mess installation and/or removal for you, your crew and your client.
  • The hydraulic driven forks will pick up your dock and lift, moving it to a new location on shore or on water.
  • The downriggers will assist with stabilizing the barge to ensure accurate and safe installation and removal.
  • Complete your dock and lift installs and removals in significantly less time which saves you time and money.
  • The barge is also a great asset for storm damage recovery.
  • You’re freeing up some major time when using the barge, here is your opportunity to increase your clientele. 
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